Mala bead necklace made with a unique design and gemstones. The necklace has mala beads arranged in a loop, with a gemstone pendant hanging from the center. The intricate knotting and weaving techniques used in the design can be seen, giving the necklace a handmade and artisanal feel. The image captures the beauty and spiritual significance of the mala necklace, which serves as a meaningful tool for meditation and spiritual practices.


Ruby Zoisite

Length 32 Inches

Explore our exquisite collection of Mala Beads, beautifully crafted with various stones for meaningful meditation experiences. Used across various cultures for spiritual practices, each bead of a Mala symbolizes a mantra or intention.

Our Malas come in different stones, each with unique properties and energy, ranging from the calming Amethyst to grounding Obsidian. Perfect for both seasoned meditators and novices, our Malas not only enhance your spiritual journey but also serve as beautiful reminders of your intentions and spiritual power.

Please note, each Mala is unique due to natural stone variations, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind.

For a deeper understanding of Malas, click the link below.

Mala Beads Blog Post

Explore the spiritual and healing benefits of crystals by clicking the link below. Crystals are sacred objects that carry unique resonance and vibration, imbued with deep symbolism and spiritual significance. Their energies can balance and align our chakras and help us connect more deeply with the divine realm, unlocking their full potential to heal, inspire, and transform us on a deep level. Discover the special meanings and healing properties of different crystals and find the ones that resonate with your individual spirit and needs. Click Here

Cleansing and charging crystals is an important step in unlocking their full potential for healing and transformation. Just like us, crystals can absorb negative energy from their environment, and over time, this can interfere with their natural vibrations and reduce their healing properties. Cleansing and charging help to remove any negative energy that has been absorbed and amplify the crystal's positive energy. Click the link below to learn more about the different methods of cleansing and charging crystals and how to use them to enhance your spiritual practice. Click Here

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